"If there is one point I'd like to make in this column, it's this: each of us has the same feelings, fears, and foibles that accompanies all of human nature. We are more alike than we ever acknowledge." Column 27: 1992

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This is my 13th year writing LeatherViews for Gay Chicago Magazine and I have touched on a great many topics. Below you'll find a sampling of the topics, and each has a link to a few columns on that topic.

Or you enter a key word and do a search of all 12 years. You can choose your keyword from the keyword list or enter your own keyword in the search field:

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Of course, you can subscribe to my column and receive it each week by selecting the tab above that says "Free E-zine". My books The Master's Manual, The Compleat Slave, Partners In Power,or my new book, The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps, contain some of the columns listed but many of them are only available here.

Masochism & Sadism
Genitorture aka C&BT
Those Two Points of...
Corporal Punishment

Master/slave Relationships
The Difference Between...
Confidence Makes...
The Contract
Expectations & Regulations

Meeting Partners
Cruising at the bar
Hanky Codes
Seeking Partners
Getting Past the Front
How To Find A Lover
Rules for Meeting...

Odds and Ends
Electricity and Piercing
Warning: The Language...
Water Sports

Oral Sex
How To Pleasure A Cock

Corporal Punishment

Pain and Pleasure
Another Kind of Pain

Philosophical Leather
Why We Need Clubs
The Thin Layer of...
A Natural Sense of...
The Leather Mindset

Fucking With Friends
A Timetable for...
Another Kind of Pain

Safe Sex & Mental Health
Healthy SM
Domestic Violence

Zen Leather
SM Travel
Body Worship

What's in a Top's Toy Bag
Serious Leather & Large...

The Other End Of The...

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