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"In writing, it appears that all of this is very well-thought out. In truth, our actions can be as mystifying as the universe. After all, in spite of anyone's pontification, the first goal is pleasure. We do this because it's fun." Column 30: 1992

For more than seventeen years, I’ve shared my thoughts, experiences, & fantasies with readers of all genders, preferences, and orientations. You don’t even have to be kinky to like what I write.

You’ll find my free blog to be words of leather wisdom, humor, technique, and experience. I write plainly, honestly, and frankly. After all, this isn’t my fantasy, it’s my lifestyle.

I’ve done my best to keep it interesting for men and women, for hets, bi, and gays, for tops and bottoms. (You can get a sense of my writing style from the articles found in the Kinky Info section because each of them was a column at some point in time.) Each week is a surprise in itself. Even my best friends don’t know what to expect from me next.

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