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"Relax and embrace your whole self... there are no rules about how you must be or what you must do, except to thine own self be true." Column 25: 2001

My blog of April 24 is about Objectification. Click here for a more detailed essay on the topic.

Announcing A California Book Tour

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It's been a busy summer full of changes for the better.

Some time was spent in the garden and it's still a great place to relax. I've continued to upgrade my dungeon and seek an "object" to fill it. For more information, see the blog link above.

The big story is the release of my First Novel,

The Dionysian Alliance.

I've spent a lot of time and energy on this book and I hope it shows. It certainly excites me to think that it's finally in print. I hope you agree with me about that.

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Jack Rinella's

First Novel

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