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"In writing, it appears that all of this is very well-thought out. In truth, our actions can be as mystifying as the universe. After all, in spite of anyone's pontification, the first goal is pleasure. We do this because it's fun." Column 30: 1992

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The Dionysian Alliance

A Novel of Sex, Religion and Murder

When you throw in a few glasses of wine, sex and religion mix very well. Add the mysterious murder of a temple prostitute and you have the makings of a great story.

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The Dictionary of Scene-Friendly Terms
Rinella Editorial Services, 2008. ISBN:0940267136 $7.95
More than 360 definitions of words that we use to describe what we do.
Find out more about it.

Philosophy in the Dungeon
Rinella Editorial Services, 2006. ISBN:0940267101 $17.95
Jack's Philosophy on the Magic of Sex and Spirit.
Find out more about it.

Becoming a Slave: The Theory & Practice of Voluntary Servitude
Rinella Editorial Services, 2005. ISBN:0940267209 $21.95
The complete guide to creating a master/slave relationship.
Find out more about it.

The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps
Greenery Press, 2004. ISBN:1890159557 $9.95
A workshop in a book, my first how-to guide.
Find out more about it.

Partners In Power: Living In Kinky Relationships
Greenery Press, 2003. ISBN: 1890159530 $16.05
A most complete introduction to our community.
Find out more about it.

The Compleat Slave: Creating and Living an Erotic Dominant/submissive Relationship
Daedalus Publishing, 2002. ISBN: 1881943135 $15.95
Find out more about it.

The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance
Daedalus Publishing, 1994. ISBN:1881943038 $15.95
My best selling book filled with essays on BDSM.
Find out more about it.

More from the Master
Rinella Editorial Services, 2010. ISBN:0940267128 $15.95
A new book in the style of The Master's Manual.
Find out more about it.

For 16 years my weekly column, LeatherViews appeared in Gay Chicago Magazine, Chicago's premier gay entertainment publication. You can now receive it free via email.

For on-line copies of my columns go to kinkyinfo.

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