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"My trusty dictionary says that to humiliate is "to lower the pride or dignity of; mortify." Humiliation can also be called "degradation". It's certainly a practice that flies in the face of empowerment, encouragement, and edification." Chapter 9

The Toybag Guide to
Clips and Clamps

by Jack Rinella


About the Book
Greenery Press
103 pages, paperback $9.95



A "workshop in a book" on clips and clamps-
- clothespins and beyond: types of clips and clamps
- where to place your clamps
- zippers, weights, nets and other advanced techniques
- psychological issues in clamp play
- a special section on getting to know and love your tits

Plus there are a lot of tips and anecdotes that bring practicality and humor to the topic... just like a good workshop leader should do!


    Chapter 1: An Introduction

    In most cases clamps are harmless, leave no long lasting marks, and offer a level of pain easily tolerated. The fact of the matter is that during most of their use, they feel painless or nearly so...

    Chapter 2: A View of the Market

    Try it on Yourself First

    ...A clamp is going to feel different based on where and how you attach it. Grab a little skin and it hurts worse, grab more and it may hurt less. Now look again, because I wrote may hurt less. Sensation is a varied event.

    Adjustable alligator clamps - Nipple grippers
    - Tweezer clamps & sizzleing sticks - Battery clamps -
    Macho clamps - Tit presses & stocks
    - Man-eating, sharks, and piranha - Teasers - Turn-on -
    Tit locks - Japanese clovers - French clips - Screamer
    - Gnat bites - Hangman's noose - Tit-traps - Clinging claws -
    Micro pliers - Suction cups

    Chapter 3: Clothespins

    Begin applying the clothespins wherever you like, though if you start in less sensitive areas, such as the chest, your bottom will last longer.

    Chapter 4: Pain Management

    Short of ending a scene, there are quite a few pain management techniques that will indeed allow any number of clips, clamps, and clothespins to create a great amount of pleasure. Remember in all of this, rule number four: We do what we do for the fun of it. If it's not pleasurable or doesn't lead to pleasure, then don't do it.

    Chapter 4: Advanced Clamping

    Wary Applicants and Patience

    Playfullness is an important asset in clamp play, as amply demonstrated by the number of games you can devise with a few clothespins and a blindfolded bottom. Simple counting games or the "what color is this clip" are just two varieties on the theme.

    Appendix: An End Note About Tits

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