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"My trusty dictionary says that to humiliate is "to lower the pride or dignity of; mortify." Humiliation can also be called "degradation". It's certainly a practice that flies in the face of empowerment, encouragement, and edification." Chapter 9

The Compleat Slave
Creating and Living an Erotic Dominant Relationship
by Jack Rinella

About the Book
Daedalus Publishing
181 pages, paperback
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In this highly anticipated follow-up to The Master's Manual, author Jack Rinella continues his in-depth exploration and discussion of Dominant/submissive relationship with his latest book, The Compleat Slave. This informative overview of the leather scene features Rinella's guidelines, tips, and personal experiences in creating safe and sane Master/slave relationship. Whether you are a novice D/s player or an experienced Master or slave, this insightful and forthright volume will prove to be a great read and a valuable reference guide.




    Introduction: First Thoughts About Slavery

    The titles of master and slave are bantered about quite freely in leather/fetish/kinky circles. To listen to conversations in bars, clubs, bedrooms, playrooms and dungeons, one would get the idea that slavery is alive and well among the devotees of leather. That's just not the case...

    Chapter 1: Straight Talk: Explaining Terms

    So, what is SM?

    Though I am going to use the term "slave" frequently, I do so because there isn't another word that works. I'm not really writing about slavery, I'm writing about a situation more aptly called "voluntary servitude"... slavery isn't slavery because it is consensual. There are no constraints that bind Master and slave except the ones that they create.

    A boy is what he wants to be.

    Chapter 2: Getting Started

    Wearing leather.

    The bars: How to break the ice.

    Cruising the Classifieds.

    Lying about oneself will only bring disappointment. Be truthful with your statistics. If you're not his type, that's a reflection on his tastes, not on you. Keep looking and be clear about the person for whom you are looking.

    Chapter 3: Playing Like Adults

    Regrets are such bad feelings. That's why another reason to negotiate responsibly. Once again, I have no problem with a master marking or even scarring a slave for life, but it is probably not appropriate to do it as a part of a one-time, one-night scene...

    How to Negotiate Scenes

    Early Signals
    Initial Agreement
    Fine Tuning
    Ongoing Communication

    Chapter 4: Proper Slave Training

    Wary Applicants and Patience

    Most of us languish with unrealized fantasies because we can't bring ourselves to get from here to there. The stretch appears too far. What we want seems so distant, so difficult to get to, so overwhelming in its conclusion, and required so much to do to achieve it, that we never arrive. There's nothing leather-bound about that either. Creating takes time and effort. Accomplishment is not handed to us on a platter. In most endeavors, we have to take it one step at a time.

    How I Found My Slave.

    Chapter 5: The Master

    Confidence Makes a Master.

    The confidence a master has to weld has to extend further than the end of a whip. Certainly, the admission that one is a sadist and has the right to enjoy sadistic activity is part of a master's character. Sadism, though, is only one of the two ways that dominance is exercised, albeit a noticeable one.

    Marks of a Master

    Who's Kidding Whom?

    Chapter 6: The Slave

    So You Want to Be a Slave.

    Becoming the slave you want to be takes a willingness to change. That may seem easy enough. But what we forget is that the changes might not be the kind we want to embrace...

    Chapter 7: Fear and Details

    One day I was approached by a man in whom I had no interest. We had a polite conversation and I told him "No" as gently and friendly as is possible. As he walked away, I reminded myself that this was my body and I had every right to share it or not share it as I please. It was okay for me to say"No".

    Getting What You Want.

    So What Are You Saying?

    A Time Table for Enthrallment

    It was then that I realized it was just as permissible for someone else to tell me the same thing. Whomever I approach has the same rights as I have. When they exercise that right its not a statement about me, but rather a it's about their preferences and their pleasures.

    Chapter 8: That First Meeting

    The second requirement is that you devote yourself to your top's pleasure. I am making an important assumption here: that is, you will enjoy making him or her feel good. If pleasuring your top isn't a pleasurable experience for you, then why are you doing it?

    Your First Scene.

    Chapter 9: Humiliation, Paddling, Chastity, Nudity, Punishment

    Warning: The Language in This Section Is Offense.

    My trusty dictionary says that to humiliate is "to lower the pride or dignity of; mortify." Humiliation can also be called "degradation". It's certainly a practice that flies in the face of empowerment, encouragement, and edification. Humiliation is about as far from PC as you can get. It smacks pride right in the face.

    Pick a Paddle.

    Everything About Chastity Belts.

    Thoughts on Being Naked.

    Pain, too: Punishment

    Chapter 10: How To Give Oral-Genital Pleasure

    To say that cock sucking and cunt-licking are an integral part of sex seems redundant...

    We will end when his cock has raised itself in glorious orgasm, spewing its life-force all over his torso. His cock will bring him to what the French call "le petit mort," the little death, an incredible moment when time stands still and ecstasy consumes the moment.

    Chapter 11: The Deep End

    Let's Dare Talk About It

    Domestic violence is not an easy topic to deal with because it can bring up a lot of complicated emotions in all of us: pain, shame, betrayal, guilt, or fear. But we need to understand and recognize the signs of abuse, the cycle of abuse (build-up, confrontation, and honeymoon), and know what resources are available to us.

    Financial Aspects of Slavery

    If you're negotiating, ask about budgeting, saving for the future, and eliminating debt. If the slave won't be working outside the home, how will he or she be supported? Know what contingencies there are for emergencies, for comfort, and for the future.

    Healthy SM

    Chapter 12: Leather Images and Leather Emotions

    The Image of Leather.

    Leather and Emotions

    It's important that we not play therapist, "play Dear Abby," or play God. Real psychological work takes time and expertise. Short of those three roles, though, the play room presents an incredible opportunity to tune into another person and touch them- as they touch you- in very important intimate ways.

    Chapter 13: Ends and Odds

    Ending Slavery

    If you're thinking slavery is forever, you are certainly thinking of an ideal situation.

    My Lover Wants a Three-Way

    Chapter 14: Leather and Love

    When Your Master Comes For Dinner

    What makes looking for a full-time slave so difficult is that real or ideal master-slave relationships are so rare that you are almost certain never to have seen one.

    More About Love

    Chapter 15: Doing It For Real

    The Dynamics of Power and Pain

    We have been socialized from birth to eschew power. Society, of course, has mixed feelings in that regard: we honor the powerful wealthy, we elect politicians to power, we obey the power of our religious leaders. At the same time, most people accept their own powerlessness.

    SM Travel

    The Best Teacher

    Your turn

    My Personal Book List

    Application For Training

    Expectations and Regulations

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