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"My trusty dictionary says that to humiliate is "to lower the pride or dignity of; mortify." Humiliation can also be called "degradation". It's certainly a practice that flies in the face of empowerment, encouragement, and edification." Chapter 9

The Dictionary of Scene-Friendly Terms
Compiled by Jack Rinella

About the Book
Rinella Editorial Services
64 pages, paperback


Did you ever wonder what someone meant when he used a strange word at the munch? Did you ever want to know what a certain fetish really was? Have you ever been embarrassed to ask that top or bottom what he was talking about? Finally here's a handy Dictionary of Scene-Friendly Terms.

Compiledand edited from the glossaries of Polyamory, The New Love Without Limits by Deborah Anapol, Learning the Ropes by Race Bannon , Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Molly Devon and Philip Miller, my own Partners in Power, and SM101 by Jay Wiseman, Dictionary of Scene-Friendly Terms is sure to become the authoritative source for answering "What do you mean?"

With more than 360 entries, you also find a list of definitions. After all, do you know what CHDW is or the difference between TS and TV? How about what a red handkerchief means or the names of nearly 50 fetishes? You'll probably want to look up the definition of flying, grex, and a Katherine wheel, as well as the definitions (yes it's plural) of the word boy. Don't wait. Be the first in the dungeon to own this book.

For a sample of the book Click Here.


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