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"There is love and lust, pain and pleasure, sensory overload and sensory depravation. In the end, the 'best scenes' bring balance, a strange and quiet state of inner rest." Chapter 11

More from the Master

by Jack Rinella

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About the Book
Rinella Editorial Services
208 pages, paperback

In the acclaimed tradition of Jack Rinella's best-selling Master's Manual, here is his newest collection of essays on BDSM. Compiled from essays written over the last 15 years, these popular columns have never before appeared in book form.

More from the Master introduces and examines various aspects of alternate sexuality, including SM, safety, sex, erotic power, techniques, and much more. From essays introducing our lifestyle and his insightful considerations of fetishes, Rinella progresses to clearly expounding on our relationships and our culture, ending with a thought-provoking look at Altered States of Consciousness, often the "why" of what it is that we do.


Introduction by Chuck Renslow

  • Taking a Risk Is What It Takes
  • Take It Slow and Easy
  • Swimming and Other Examples
  • Role Models and Choices
  • The Three Ls of BDSM
  • The Hunt for My Type
  • My Birthday Gift

  • Doing It

  • An Intro Course in Bondage
  • Where To Tie
  • Leather Restraints
  • Healthy SM
  • Preaching to the Choir
  • A Primary Technique
  • A Good Flogging
  • Adapting to Pain
  • The Other End of the Flogger
  • Cleaning Out
  • More on Ass Play
  • Anal Intercourse
  • Flesh
  • A Short, But Important, Sentence
  • Raunch: Read at Your Own Risk
  • Sado-Mastery and Maso-Submission
  • My Favorite Fetish

  • Relationships
  • How To Make Good Sex Better
  • Just Say No
  • Anger
  • Expectations
  • Earned, Not Requested
  • Jealousy
  • What Can Two Tops Do?
  • Family as Driving Force
  • Daddies and Sirs
  • Change
  • More on Change
  • Passion
  • Dealing With Emotions
  • Emotions, Again
  • Confusion and Conflict

  • Our Culture

  • The Cost of Fear
  • Earning Your Leathers
  • I Don't Believe It
  • Two Attitudes
  • Another Closet
  • Levels of Intensity
  • The Intermediate Zone
  • When Rivers Merge
  • Altered States

  • Subspace
  • The Psyche according to Jung
  • The Meaning of the Experience
  • Pathways to an Altered State
  • Encouraging ASCs
  • What Do We Do with It?

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