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Philosophy In the Dungeon

The Magic of Sex & Spirit



"With utterly no apologies, Rinella takes on the difficult task of reuniting sex and spirituality, which have been so painfully severed over the last few hundred years of European cultural and religious history. He courageously refuses to compartmentalize or to shroud his lifestyle in the closet: after all, how could anyone write a book about the fundamental unity of everything in spirit and leave out sex?" writes Dossie Easton in the Foreword to Philosophy In the Dungeon.


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From devout Roman Catholic, to Pentecostal minister, to Transcendental Meditation student, and finally to a national position of leadership in the BDSM community, writer and teacher Jack Rinella is fully able to discuss spirituality in relation to sex, and in particular kinky sex. Jack carefully leads the reader through the oftentimes circuitous journey of sex and spirit to both an balanced view of human purpose and richly kinky view of sexual ecstasy. In his easy-going way, Jack encourages all his readers to embrace their life as having the potential of being a profoundly spiritual experience that is well-grounded in common sense and filled with lots of fun.

With his usual straightforward and open approach, Jack presents the reader with a well-thought journey through a variety of spiritual philosophies frequently using the most intimate details of his own spiritual and sexual experiences to illustrate his point. Advocating a holistic approach, his mantra is that sex must be reclaimed as a "deeply moving visitation of divinity" and one must not give up or separate their spiritual practices from their kinky lifestyle. "To thy own self be true" Jack repeatedly reminds the reader, emphasizing that true spiritual flows from one's authentic self.

Not content to simply providing us an Philosophy based on emotion, Jack is careful to include a myriad of examples from his extensive study of both Religion and Philosophy. While Jack's personal experiences, both mystical and sexual, provide an intimate and amazing testimony to Reality, they are well-bolstered with references to the great philosophers, spiritual teachers, and mystics of the world. From the myths of ancient Sumer and Greece, to the sages of India and China, to the philosophers and spiritual mentors of the centuries, Jack gives us a rich understanding of what it means to be human and the amazing possibilities that come with being kinky.

As with many of his books, Jack's insights provide guideposts that can be useful to any human seeking deeper meaning in their lives. However make no mistake Jack speaks directly to the kinky practitioner reminding those of us outside of mainstream sexual practices that the journey is what is important, not the destination, and that the journey can be pleasure-filled as well as deeply significant.

The Table of Contents:

In the Beginning
It's All in Your ---
Spirit As the Ancients Knew It
The Power Exchange
A Pause to Reflect
Life As Process
Life In Stages
According to Your Faith
True Spirituality
Practical Spirituality
Sex Magic
What's Next

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