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"SM is not a mindless or thoughtless activity. If we mistakenly approach it that way, we open ourselves up to the less appealing, and perhaps even dangerous, aspects of Leather." Column 4: 1993

Kinky Information

This is my seventeenth year writing LeatherViews and I have touched on a great many topics. Below you'll find a sampling of the topics, and each has a link to a few columns on that topic.

You can choose a column from the list below or click here to do a search of 17 years' worth of columns.

Of course, you can subscribe to my column and receive it each week by selecting the tab above that says "Free E-zine". My books The Master's Manual, The Compleat Slave, Partners In Power, or my new book, Becoming a Slave contain some of the columns listed but many of them are only available here.

Masochism & Sadism


Genitorture aka C&BT

Those Two Points of Pleasure

Corporal Punishment


Master/slave Relationships

The Difference Between a Boy & a Slave

Confidence Makes a Master

Contracts Concerning Voluntary Servitude

The Contract

Expectations & Regulations

Meeting Partners

Cruising at the bar: How to Break the Ice

Hanky Codes

Seeking Partners

Getting Past the Front

How To Find A Lover

Rules for Meeting Strangers

Odds and Ends

Electricity and Piercing


Warning: The Language Herein Is Offensive


Water Sports

Oral Sex

How To Pleasure A Cock




Corporal Punishment

More Of You Than You Think



Pain and Pleasure

Another Kind of Pain

2001 Essay Contest: What Makes a Leatherman or Leatherwoman?

1st Place Winner
What Is a Leatherman/Woman?
by Patricia Kalin

2nd Place Winner
What Makes a Leatherman or woman?
by Brian Lieski

3rd Place Winner
What is a Leatherman or woman?
by Steve Elliott

Philosophical Leather

Why We Need Clubs

The Thin Layer of Civilization

A Natural Sense of Balance

The Leather Mindset



Fucking With Friends

A Timetable for Enthrallment

Another Kind of Pain

Safe Sex & Mental Health


Healthy SM

Domestic Violence



Zen Leather

SM Travel

Body Worship


Make-It-Yourself Bondage Equipment


What's in a Top's Toy Bag

Serious Leather & Large Toys



The Other End Of The Flogger

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