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"The fact that a large number of people don't know what the signals mean has...caused them to go out of favor. Besides, with the right person any activity might happen, with the wrong person one is apt to refrain from even their favorite sex act."

Classified Abbreviations
by Jack Rinella

My friend Steven said he's still waiting to find out what the various abbreviations represent in the classified ads. Well, Steve, here we go:

GWM. The first letters usually represent the advertiser's status, such as Gay White Male. B stands for Black, Bi for bisexual, F for female, C for couple, A for Asian, H for Hispanic, M means married. It may be followed by letters indicating hair and eye color, as in Br/Br or Bl/Gr, that is Blonde hair/Green eyes. But then you probably knew those letters.

WS: water sports indicate activity with urine, either as a Golden Shower (GS) or as a drink. Another way to state it is to include the word piss or to mention recycled beer.

VA is verbal abuse, profanity, verbal humiliation as in "Suck that cock you pig." Whole chapters could be written about the pro's and con's of this fetish. Some people think that this is the most dangerous aspect of SM.

SM of course is short for Sado-masochism. In the past it was more often referred to as S&M. The new, more PC term, recognizes that sadism and masochism are dimensions of the same activity. Actual habits die hard and I most often say "S&M". I'm not always very good at learning new tricks.

BD or B&D is bondage and discipline. They often go together, since once you've got them tied up, it's easier to apply a paddle. Many of those into being spanked prefer to be bound first so that they can struggle and not escape. Others though look for bondage as an end itself and do not want accompanying pain. If that is the case with you, don't say B&D, just say bondage. And some of course take their "lickings like a man" and don't want to be restrained.

Fr/a and Fr/p refer to oral genital activity in the active or passive mode. Gr refers to anal genital activity. After all, the most likely end to a good Leather sex scene is a healthy orgasm.

T stands for torture as in TT -- tit torture --- and CBT -- cock and ball torture. Good tit work proves conclusively that the nipples are directly connected to the gonads. It takes a bit of practice, but a well trained tit is a pleasure for everyone. Start slowly and give your nipples regular attention and you will enjoy them for years.

JO is a good old-fashioned, safe-sex jack off.

Wax is hot and melted off a burning candle. It is a quick, short-lived and usually harmless pain. There is more psychology than heat involved here. It can be fun but make sure you use candles with a low-burning temperature, the cheaper the better (expensive ones use bees' wax that burns hotter). Keep the flame high enough from the body not to harm anyone. It is a mess to clean up. A bit of baby oil on the skin before applying the wax will help. Shaving the body first makes clean up that much easier.

BB stands for the body builder that you are or are looking for.

FF means fist-fucking. Remember, no glove, no love, indicating that a rubber glove is safer sex.

LL is leather/levi. There's also rubber and latex, spandex, and various uniform fetishes as well.

Scat is short for scatology which the dictionary defines as "an obsession with excrement or excretory functions." Not a recommended sport these days, in fact it never was, but it does happen.

Rim or rimming refers to oral anal contact.

Abbreviations are not alway clear and readily apparent. I ran across one while researching ads for this list that I've never used and had difficulty remembering: CP. It took me a moment to remember to recall that it stands for Corporal Punishment...good old fashioned spanking!

Along the same vein as abbreviations are hanky codes. Ostensibly, the color of the handkerchief peeking out of a person's rear pants pocket indicates a proclivity towards a certain activity. Left rear pocket indicates the dominant position, right the submissive or receiver. I've never found the codes very reliable. It really seems that in more recent years, the whole idea of codes has fallen into dis-use. With the advent of AIDS, many of the more esoteric sexual activities have fallen into disfavor, at least to the degree that one might restrict the more risky behavior to actions with known (as compared with one-night) partners.

The fact that a large number of people don't know what the signals mean has also caused them to go out of favor. Besides, with the right person any activity might happen, with the wrong person one is apt to refrain from even their favorite sex act.

This list was garnered from one distributed by Male Hide Leathers in Chicago. I've abbreviated it since it held many colors and multiple colors that one rarely sees anywhere.

LIGHT BLUE   Wants Head Expert Sucker
NAVY BLUE   Greek Active Greek Passive
RED   Wants to Fist Wants to be Fisted
YELLOW   Pisser Likes Piss
MUSTARD   Has 8" or More Likes 'em Big
ORANGE   Anything Anytime Nothing Now
KELLY GREEN   Hustler John
OLIVE DRAB   Military Top Military Bottom
HUNTER GREEN   Daddy Daddy's Boy
BROWN   Scat Top Scat Bottom
BLACK   Heavy S & M Top Heavy S & M Bottom
GREY   Bondage Top Bondage Bottom
WHITE   Likes to be Jacked Off Likes to JO others 
Cuddler Cuddler


Safe sex

Safe Sex
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