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"I've whipped a lot of ass in my leather career and some of those scenes still amaze me. In fact it was a session with a guy out in the suburbs that proved to me that I have limits --- and I was the one doing the whipping!."

Now Here's a Topic
by Jack Rinella

Whenever I read what I've written in these columns, I'm struck with how intellectual and philosophical I can get. Those are important aspects of the Leather scene. For SM is not a mindless passion or irrational impulse. It springs from deeply felt and very real needs, urges, and desires. Its fountain is the subconscious, its river bed, life...

But all that academic stuff can be a bit much. So this week, let me just "get down and dirty". Let me write about spanking.

I've whipped a lot of ass in my leather career and some of those scenes still amaze me. In fact it was a session with a guy out in the suburbs that proved to me that I have limits --- and I was the one doing the whipping! It didn't hurt me at all, but it was more than I could take.

Several years ago I wrote an "Application for training to serve a Master". In it I described three reasons for discipline:

One: the Master's pleasure. It can be exciting to whip an ass, thigh, or back. The harder the more exciting. Spanking, belting, and paddling are downright arousing.

Two: Bottom's like it, or at least want it, or at least want to see if they can take it. Generally, bottoms feel a desire for it and are satisfied, given pleasure by receiving.

Three: Some discipline is real punishment for the breaking of a "rule". This is corporal punishment to enforce discipline and state, in a physical and memorable way, that the Master is in control. It underlines one's dominance and the other's submission. This third type of discipline is usually most painful, least used, and of short duration. Having gotten it once, you won't want to break that rule again.

Before I go much further, let me define terms. The idea of discipline includes spanking (with one's hand or belt), paddling, whipping, strapping, birching, and caning. The tools can be wooden paddles, as used in fraternities, belts, whips, riding crops, wooden spoons, saplings such as "hickory sticks", leather straps and paddles, cats (whips that are bunches of leather thongs). They can be of various sizes, widths, and textures. Knots, spikes, tacks, and holes all add variations to their effect.

And the people who "get paddled" have all sorts of motives as well. Paul likes to take it through his spandex shorts and doesn't want much sex with it. Give him a short drink of cheap brandy and then go at his ass for hours.
Art has an ass that's tough. He likes it BA (bare ass) and likes to know that he'll end up with welts.

Chuck, on the other hand, is into mutual scenes. He loves to "trade swats". Five on him and then five on you. "Take it like a man" is his attitude and his satisfaction.

A spanking scene can be mutual, strictly dominance and submission, or a part of a wider scenario.

The best effect (or so they tell me) comes from starting the action slowly and slowly building in your effect. I often start a spanking scene by swatting the butt, still in its protective clothing, first with my hand, then gradually increase the severity of the instrument, the force of the application, and the speed of the administration. (Sounds erudite, doesn't it?)

Hit in various places, concentrating on a spot for a time and then aiming somewhere else. Take a short break and start again. Caress and kiss a red spot, feel the heat of the area, help the bottom to relax and then go to it again.

Physical intimacy is an important part of spanking scene. The domination can arouse deep affection on the bottom's part and he/she may likewise respond to softness with wild lust and unadulterated devotion.

Positions should vary as well. Have her over your knee or tied spread eagle on the bed. I like to strap a guy down to a hassock in the living room, ass available. Restraints and gags help. Sometimes though it's just nice to let them hold you as you apply the pain.

The spanking fraternity is large, but discovering it isn't always easy. And it is more than a "fraternity," since it certainly includes women, both dominatrices and submissives. It crosses lines of sexual orientation, age, and lifestyle.

The book, Male Fantasies/Gay Realities by George Stambolian, has an interview with a Masochist. Let me quote from his dialogue.

"How is the pain inflicted?

"With a wide leather belt. I can take it to a point where I think I can't take it any more, and then I can switch it off. I seem to have no feeling.

"Like some mystics you've learned to master your body through your mind.

"Yes, I have done that.

"You do this because it gives him pleasure, and because you prove your...

"To him and you yourself?

"Yes, to both of us"

And later he continues:

"I have a man now who can look at me and get excited. It turns me on, and I'll do anything for that feeling, to keep it. And I want him to beat me harder because I don't want him to look anywhere else to find that satisfaction. And that's answering the question about pain and pleasure. I'm taking my pain because I'm getting pleasure out of it."

Get some pleasure for yourself this week as well.

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