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"In another plastic bag I keep all sorts of small play things: shoe laces, leather thongs, ball stretchers, fishing weights, nylon fishing line, small hooks to attach the weights to the clamps."

What's In a Top's Toy Bag
by Jack Rinella

Having collected Leather toys for more years than I care to tell, I've garnered quite a usable assortment. I'd like to give you a tour of my tools.

The first thing to notice is that I keep my toys, at least those of them that will fit, in a gym bag. I was once told to buy myself a leather bag for my equipment, but I've never quite had the extra eighty dollars to do so. If any admiring reader wants a gift idea, there's one. On the other hand, the fact that it's only a nylon gym bag means that I can ride on public transportation with it and it's lightweight. It doesn't look very threatening...

The first two items are easy to come by: rope and clothespins. I keep small items like clothespins and rawhide laces in their own plastic zip-lock bags so they're easily accessible. I also keep dildos in bags as well, to assure they stay clean and safe.

Twenty to thirty clothespins are sufficient for most scenes, actually you'll probably only use two, four or six at a time anyway. Wash the rope before using it, thereby making it softer and easier to manipulate. It's a good idea to prevent its unraveling by dipping the ends in glue. You'll want ropes of different lengths. Some shorter (about 4 feet), others longer for more serious bondage such as to tie your bottom spread eagle to a mattress. I use rubber bands to keep the ropes neatly stored. A pair of handcuffs is a natural as well, though I only use them for scene starters, since they often rub the skin and cut circulation.

Leather wrist and ankle restraints are much better, come in numerous styles, and pose much less danger. I made my first pair and lined it with rabbit fur. Later I bought more substantial cuffs.

Have plastic wrap and duct tape handy for those special bondage scenes. A pair of scissors to release someone is important as well. If possible, get the kind used to cut off bandages, as they are shaped to slide under the bondage material without endangering the skin. On a similar note, a few lengths of ace bandage are very versatile. They make excellent blindfolds, ball stretchers and wrist/leg restraints.

Condoms and lubricant are important toys as well. In fact, they are so important you should never party without them.

One or two pairs of tit clamps are good for when the tit torture gets a bit more intense. I use the kind with rubber shields on their ends, though I have been known to slip the shields off as my bottom moved into the enjoyment of more intense pain.

In another plastic bag I keep all sorts of small play things: shoe laces, leather thongs, ball stretchers, fishing weights, nylon fishing line, small hooks to attach the weights to the clamps.

As expensive and intricate as some toys can be, creativity can reduce their cost. For instance, two clothespins strung together with a piece of rawhide make a very serviceable tit clamp. It?s not expensive and can easily hold those fishing weights. Finding low cost equipment takes a bit of shopping. Though most people buy a lot of Leather equipment at a hardware store, don?t forget craft stores, sewing centers, department stores, and pharmacies.

I got a box of Texas catheters (penis sheathes with a nozzle on the end to which you can attach a plastic hose) at a pharmacy recently. I had to go to three places to find them. The most difficult task was asking the druggist about them. I found it embarrassing. Luckily, if you shop in a gay neighborhood, the embarrassment level is greatly reduced.

Since we're on the drug store selection, I have a small rubber syringe for giving enemas. And of course a plastic bag full of latex gloves. At home I also have a larger enema bag and a few syringes of Fleet enemas. Some bottoms just don?t know how to "show up clean". Again, this kind of equipment is used only once, or thoroughly sanitized in bleach.

My first and favorite instrument for discipline is a leather belt that I've had for about a dozen years. Since I often wear it when I go out, it's not officially "in the bag" but it is handy. Other tools for bun-warming include wooden and leather paddles, cat of nine tails, whips, riding crops, and brushes. Start with one or two small inexpensive items. Each will have its own feel and effect. I once had a discipline scene with a guy who had over 150 different "spanking toys". He had a paddle fetish and had made, with great care and artistry, many of the wooden paddles I used on his ass. Kitchen utensils, rug beaters, bamboo, fancy canes, and various types of tree branches (hickory, willow, etc.) rounded out his collection.

You might have to make a trip out to the "burbs" to find some of those items. I bought a wonderful buggy whip at a riding stable supply store once. Such stores are not easy to find but are well worth the trip. Don't worry what the clerk thinks; you'll never see him or her again!

I keep four different dildos in my bag. Always wash them with bleach and never use them on more than one person between thorough cleansing! Covering them with a rubber helps make the cleaning easier and insures an even higher level of safety.

The first dildo is embarrassingly small but the others increase in size. One other (the largest) I keep at home and reserve for people who can take it. If you proceed slowly and gradually increase the size inserted, a rectum can expand quite nicely. I also have a butt plug. They're great for longer retention times.

I'm not really big on medicinal type toys, but you may want to bring along a tube of Ben-Gay. I know a professional dominatrix who always brings a supply of anal-ease. She uses it to get her client?s ass to relax. If your bottom has trouble taking what you're giving, that may make the scene easier, if you want to make it easier.

Every good bag should have a few candles and a pack of matches. Cheap candles burn at a lower temperature and cause less pain. Try them on yourself first so you know how to do it and what effect they will have.

I keep an assortment of small locks in my bag as well. I have them locked onto a metal ring. In the same bag I have a set of keys. The locks are locked before I use them insuring that when I use them, I will first have to have the key handy. Never use a lock unless you are positive, by having opened it right then and there, that you have the key.

I also have a dog's choke chain and several collars. Some are made to buckle on, some to lock on, one has wrist restraints attached to it. I also have a home-made leather blindfold

Then of course, there’s a leather hood. Mine is homemade but the store bought varieties are probably better. They come with and without eye and mouth holes. They lace, zip, and/or buckle. The lace ones are more versatile in that they fit more sizes. Going up the price scale, there are wonderful leather body bags, lock-on mitts that render hands useless, body harnesses, full-body restraints, etc.

The various chastity, penis, and vagina covering devices are appropriate. Buy two pair, one for your bag and one for mine! For more specific apparatus, get yourself on a mail order list or visit Male Hide Leathers, Cupids, or the Pleasure Chest.

Larger equipment won't fit into the bag. I'll leave a discussion of stocks, crosses, cages, etc., for another week (Click here). Until then use your imagination and have a good time. Remember: toys aren't only for children anymore!

Copyright 1993 by Jack Rinella. This material may not be copied in any manner. For permission to reproduce this essay, contact


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