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"We're dealing with a various number of phenomena here: penis fixation, increased sensations, a bit of sensory deprivation, the fascination that men (women too?) have with cock sizes, and the interesting way that one's prick seems to have a life of its own."

A Different Kind of Pumping
by Jack Rinella

Pumping is a relatively new form of masturbatory self pleasuring. It's a high tech activity involving a hand or electric vacuum pump, tubing and variously sized cylinders that suck on one's cock.

I apologize to my female readers that I wasn't able to find any information about what women might be doing along the same lines. It seems that pumping up one's penis is strictly a male-orientated past-time. A Lesbian friend did suggest that the smaller cylinders used for tit work might in fact be used on one's clitoris, but she had no experiential evidence to prove or disprove that theory.

I've done "it" twice. What is it? Well, to begin one lubricates the base of one's dick with a thick jelly, such as vaseline, and then sticks it into a clear cylinder. One then slowly and carefully pumps out the air. The jelly and the pump create a vacuum seal, and "voila" one's cock grows in size.

We're dealing with a various number of phenomena here: penis fixation, increased sensations, a bit of sensory deprivation, the fascination that men (women too?) have with cock sizes, and the interesting way that one's prick seems to have a life of its own. On the last point, I was once involved in a discussion with a group of guys concerning how some men actually gave names to their penises. I've never been one to do that, but I readily admit to feeling that my cock is somehow different than the rest of my body. It seems to have a mind of its own, a sensory life different than the rest of my body enjoys.

Certainly the fact that there is such a great mass of nerve endings in the penis has something to do with that. The instinctual, primordial need for orgasm and its release also must add to the phenomena. Perhaps it is just a sign of the rampant sexism of our society that inculcates our young boys into being such cock-worshippers. I don't know, but the phallus certainly pre-dominates our culture, even if this is the decade of the resurgence of the goddess.

But back to pumping.

There are several feelings that pumping invokes. I've pumped up twice, and though my experiences aren't all that numerous, they do shed some light on what pumping has going for it. First, of course, is just the visual thrill of seeing one's cock swell to about twice its "normal" erected state. Such growth doesn't happen all at once. A real good pump takes an hour or more, as the increase must be done relatively slowly. You should also know that the effect doesn't last for long either. As soon as the vacuum is released, one's cock will begin to shrink.

But it does keep its swell for a while, and as far as I can tell, the longer and more often one pumps, the longer the swell stays swollen. In its swollen state the cock feels spongier than usual and certainly not as "hard" as when one has a natural erection. It does though feel and look bigger.

When encased in the cylinder it has another kind of fascination. It becomes a "thing" removed. It might be the ultimate safe sex toy. Someone can lick the cylinder all they want and never come in contact with body fluids. It's a strange sensation wherein the cock actually looks as if it's on display. You can "touch" it without actually touching it. That is what I meant by the "deprivation" feeling, since you can't, at the moment, feel the cock being touched.

When the cock is released from the cylinder it feels different in your hand or mouth and a hand or mouth feels different on it as well. As I said before it is spongier, or to put it a different way, it is softer, squeezier, fleshier, larger but more relaxed. It is more flaccid and easier to swing.

Surge Studio has an excellent video about pumping, entitled "Al Parker's High Tech." A handsome, well-hung (what else) man named Eric stars as its narrator. He calls pumping an "expanding experience" with the feel of "thousands of mouths sucking on your cock at once."

The action (in the video) escalates as more and more guys join Eric for his pump party. Except for Eric's occasional commentary, there isn't much dialogue other than the one liners such as "big as a fucking beer can", but those words do describe the effect. The action moves from solo play to dual as one guy pumps another, and then to mutual as two guys join their pricks in a special double ended tube. They pump until their expanded rods meet. For avid cock-worshippers, a real sight.
In one part of his commentary, Eric addresses the question of pain, calling the sensation only a "slight pain that doesn't hurt", one that reaches an "exhilarating threshold." I found the feelings similar.

The vacuum I used caused a bit of pain, but nothing above the level of slightly noticeable. Since the pump was totally under my control, it was easy enough to ease off the pressure a bit. Hand pumps, such as I was using, are more responsive and probably safer.

My friend Mark has and sells electric pumps. When these are used, you regulate vacuum pressure with a release value on the cylinder. I found the hand pump easier to use and more controllable. In any case, the hand pump is less expensive, though the complete set (pump, tube, cylinders, etc) is pretty pricey. Expect to spend nearly $150.00 just to get started, unless you opt for a cheaper "adult store" version.

Though I haven't tried them, there are smaller cylinders for pumping nipples. I can only imagine that they do a real good job as well. In fact you can buy valves and such so that you can pump cock and tits at the same time. As my mom says, "What are they going to think of next?"

Want more information? Stop at any of the local adult stores or buy or rent the video.

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