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"It's not just a case of wailing into him or her, but rather building to the effect. I take frequent breaks, allow the ass time to adjust, and make sure that I vary the places where I hit."

Pick a Paddle
by Jack Rinella

Lynn and I were giving Timothy a chance to experience life on the top side of leather. Lynn told Tim to pick one of the paddles hanging from the head of the bed and use it on me.

Tim looked over the five instruments that were hanging there and chose a traditional wooden paddle, one similar to those used in fraternity hazings. It's seventeen inches long, narrow at the handling end, about 3.5 inches wide on the business end, and made of highly polished maple laminate.

Timothy had tied me spread eagle upright at the foot of the bed and began telling us how he had chosen this paddle because it was wider than the others and therefore wouldn't hurt as much. Later, when he was bare butt across the bed, I was able to correct Tim's assumptions about paddles and pain.

My collection is more utilitarian than extensive. There's the wooden paddle that he had chosen, an 18 inch long riding crop, a two inch wide black leather paddle, a double thick paddle of razor strap leather, and a clothes brush from which I've removed the bristles. Each piece has its own effect. Tim's statement that wider meant less pain wasn't exactly true.

The effect of any paddle depends on a variety of things: force and speed of the blow, type and texture of the paddle, part of the body struck, and condition of the boy being beaten.

Any of the instruments, in fact, could be made to hurt really well, or could be used more gently without any serious effect.

Assuming for the sake of this discussion that the force and place of application doesn't vary from paddle to paddle, the wooden paddle that Tim chose ranks three out of five in effect. Its smooth, wooden surface can pack a real sting to it. It is easy to grasp and has a nice swing, especially when you want to really wail at ass. It's not the kind of toy that I begin with, but when I've got a boy's butt ready for a good beating, it is quite satisfactory.

The thinner leather covered paddle is good for beginning. It is a thin metal shaft covered with leather. It is quite flexible. Its relatively thin width makes it easy to be especially selective on where the blows land.

Next up the scale is the riding crop, which is probably more a mix between whip and paddle. Crops are among my favorite because they allow a real precision of aim. The loop of leather at their end is nice and snappy but doesn't do a great deal of damage. On the other hand, if one wishes to concentrate the force of the blow with the shaft, crops can leave very nice red marks.

I like to watch a crop color a specific spot. They are very utilitarian in that regard. I enjoy using them on genitalia, as well as on backs. On can really mark a back with them quite easily. When done right, they leave a very nice criss-cross effect.

My boy Mike doesn't like the next paddle. It is the newest addition to my collection and since it was on sale at IML for only ten dollars I couldn't resist the bargain. It is two pieces of thick leather sewn together. The last four inches of leather, though, are left loose so that they form a flap. This gives a double effect. First, one piece of the leather hits the bottom and then moments later the second piece hits the first, giving the effect that that the bottom is hit twice.

The flap also causes a loud sound. It's my theory that the noise is just as bothersome to Mike as the pain, since it increases the psychological effect.

The last paddle, actually a modified clothes brush, is the most painful. I reserve its use for discipline, that is for when I think that a boy needs to be punished for some infraction or disobedience. When I use it, it invariably leaves a strong mark, often black and blue with just two or three swats.

Having pulled the bristles out of the brush, the paddle has six rows of small holes in its surface. It is these perforations that cause the increased pain. A smooth paddle actually pushes a layer of air against the flesh as the bottom is spanked and this air acts as a slight buffer. In the case of this brush, the holes disrupt that layer and cause contact to be more severe.

At the same time, the skin is pushed into the holes slightly and small blood welts form, hence the ease of blacking and bluing.

Any of the above instruments can be easily changed. Drilling holes in the wooden paddle, for instance, would make it a much more painful toy. Adding tacks or grommets to the leather would increase its bite.

Picking the paddle is only one part of the job. How it is used makes a big difference as well. I prefer to start slowly and gently, playfully really, and as the bottom warms up to the task, then to increase speed. Varying the cadence, changing positions, and eventually stripping the butt bare are all part of the fun.

Eventually I like to get very intense, though I am careful to help my bottom get used to the feelings. It's not just a case of wailing into him or her, but rather building to the effect. I take frequent breaks, allow the ass time to adjust, and make sure that I vary the places where I hit.

As an ass gets reddened it actually can take more severe beatings. The endorphins click in and help to dull the pain for the bottom. As this happens, the pain becomes pleasurable.

For intense ass beating sessions, it's important that the bottom be adequately restrained. This of course varies from bottom to bottom and what kind of scene you are having. Tying him or her down spread eagle on a bed, or across a hassock, saw horse, or workout bench are all good measures to prevent excessive flailing.

Sometimes though there is something to be said about making him or her stand there, grab their ankles and take it that way. In more sexual scenes I always like to have him suck my cock while I go at their butt. I find spanking to be very arousing and often use it as foreplay just prior to fucking the bottom. I like the feel of the reddened ass as I rub my pubic hair into the hot cheeks.

By this point I'm liable to be back using the crop, aiming precise blows at the anus itself. When I get to that point in play, it's not far before I'm ready to shoot one hell of full load, safely of course, but with much pleasure.

Copyright 1999 by Jack Rinella. This material may not be copied in any manner. For permission to reproduce this essay, contact

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