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"The moment when the plug has slipped in fully will be a bit surreal. ‘Is it in there?’ you will ask yourself. The feeling will be much different than that last bit of exertion that you went through to get it there. You'll be surprised at the sensation."

Inserting a Butt-Plug For the First Time
by Jack Rinella

The following is an essay I borrowed with permission from Tammad's web site. It provides an excellent introduction to butt plugs. After Tammad's essay, you’ll find some added some comments from a Ken and my slave Patrick.

Tammad Rimilia:
“A medium size butt plug is an excellent place to start, given that you've already decided that you are interested in having a plug inside you. The small size is for convincing uncertain anal virgins that it isn't the least bit bad.

“A few hints: put the stopper in the sink and run warm (not more than about 95 degree F) water into the sink; let the plug soak in the warm water for 10 minutes before you insert it. Time things so that you've had a bowel movement recently, so that the rectum is likely to be empty. Or take a water enema. Then put a blob of lube on one finger, and gently work it into your anus. Add another blob of lube, and work that in too. When your finger moves in and out easily and slippery-ly, take the warm plug out of the water, dry it off.

“Put a big blob of lube in the palm of your hand, and then roll the plug around in your hand, until it's coated with lube from tip to the base. Kneeling on the bath mat, put your ass up in the air, face down to the floor, and reach around with your un-lubed hand and begin to work the tip into your ass. Go in an inch, pause, pull out a ways, maybe twist it 180 degrees to spread the lube, then go in further, pause, repeat. Each time it feels like it won't go in any further, hold it there, savor the bittersweet "burn" of stretching muscles. After 60-90 seconds, the muscles should relax, and you can pull back and then insert even further.

“If you feel the plug ‘sticking,’ remove it, and roll it around in your still lubed hand until it's evenly coated again, then resume the insertion process. Once the widest part of the plug goes past the anal sphincter muscles, they'll clamp down on it and pull it the rest of the way inside you. At that point don't try to stop it or pull out, gently assist the plug the rest of the way in.

“Once it's in, wash your hands, and enjoy the wonderful sensation of being plugged. If you're worried about it sliding out (which is only likely if you have a good sneeze or you start to cramp), wear an old tight pair of shorts to hold it in. Then go about your day! Some people find wearing a butt plug to be a sexually arousing experience, some find it to induce a strong sense of submission.

“Listen carefully to your body, and see how you react.

“When having the plug inside you starts to become uncomfortable, or when you just want to take it out, sit on the toilet, reach behind to hold onto the flange of the plug, and use your normal bowel movement motion to expel the plug, assisting with gentle pulling. There may be a momentary discomfort, but it should slide right out. Don't worry if it takes several tries.

“It's not a good idea to sleep wearing a plug. You won't be awake to feel it, so there's little benefit to you, and it will loosen your anal sphincter muscles a lot, which it will take them a commensurately long time to recover from and tighten up again.

“Also, while going overboard at first isn't a problem, in general you want to leave 2-3 days between ‘anal play’ days, so that your muscles can recover. Certainly occasional binges are OK.

“There is nothing wrong with liking the feel of something in your ass. And liking those sensations doesn't mean you're gay. It can be fun to have a girlfriend fuck you in the ass with a strap-on, for an interesting reversal of roles. :-)

“If you are considering using food items or random household items as your first butt plug, don't. I strongly recommend that you get some latex rubber plugs from your local ‘dirty book’ store. It's much easier to clean 'em, they are less likely to have bacteria on them, and they are not going to have sharp ridges, which might scrape or damage your skin.

“If you decide to insert a dildo rather than a butt plug, don't insert it too deeply as they tend to be longer. You'll be able to tell when it doesn't want to go in any further, so don't force it. Your intestine makes a 90 degree left turn about 6 inches in, and you don't want to poke through the wall at the bend there. In practical terms, what this means is not to sit down while having an overly long object inserted. Another reason for using the latex butt plugs -- they aren't likely to be too long for you to wear, even sitting down.”

Additional comments from Patrick: “There is very little in the essay that I disagree with but a few added observations are in order. If you have never used a butt plug or dildo and have not been fucked a lot in the ass you will find the medium butt plug Tammad suggests starting with a bit of a shock. Go with a smaller size, and before that use your fingers a good bit, first one and then two. You'll want to up size before too long once you've seen how minor the small one really is. The idea here is to ENJOY the sensation.”

These comments from Ken might be helpful: "...the top on Sunday, at my request, spent some time playing with my hole. First fingering, then a toy. Prior to this the most I've had in that orifice is fingers, thermometers, and enema nozzles. I'd never had a fingering quite like this, but it was okay. Then he put me on my back, legs up and began using a small dildo....

"He ordered me to j/o at the same time. I was lying there thinking relax and submit, relax and submit and let me tell you my hole was yelling back, ’get that thing out of here!’ I'll pause here and give you a chance to stop laughing.

"Anyway, all of a sudden he pushed it in, and without any warning or particular enjoyment I came. I didn't feel exactly ready prior to that but all of sudden, whoosh there it was. Of course, I almost missed it, because I had given up on relax and submit and was now representing my hole and yelling at him to take it out.

"I know, I know, not very obedient! So what happened? Why did I cum like that? Also, how do you relax and submit when things really do hurt? I mean, if I'm gonna continue in this m/m, submissive lifestyle I think orifice availability is an issue."

Patrick continues: “Getting back Tammad’s essay, his insertion instructions are right on target. As the plug is reaching it's widest point it will help if you flex your ass muscles and legs a bit. Raising one leg up will change the pressures on the plug and the last bit of slipping in should go more smoothly.

“The burning sensation is a real feeling, much the same as the burn you from working out a muscle beyond what you had previously. You are making your ass muscle work in reverse of what it normally does and it won't do that without some protest.

“The moment when the plug has slipped in fully will be a bit surreal. ‘Is it in there?’ you will ask yourself. The feeling will be much different than that last bit of exertion that you went through to get it there. You'll be surprised at the sensation.

“I haven't found sleeping with a butt plug in place to be much of a problem. Tammad is right that you don't feel it, though there is that peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by keeping it in. Sleeping with it in is also important if you are training to increase the size of the plug you are using. Extended wear of one size is the only way to build yourself to a larger plug.

“A few days’ rest from using a plug will allow the muscles to resume their tightness. Again, the experience is no different than when you work out other muscles on your body. While wearing the plug avoid activities such as bicycle riding, and you will find that you naturally want to sit with caution, especially on firm surfaces.”

Copyright 1998 by Jack Rinella. This material may not be copied in any manner. For permission to reproduce this essay, contact

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