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"The prick's mushroom-shaped head lay in front of me, shiny with my spit. Its healthy, flesh-colored glow beckoning me to worship. I am a cocksucker. This penis is my god."

How to Pleasure a Cock
by Jack Rinella

An anonymous reader sent in the following diatribe: "Ass-fucking, fist-fucking, asswork-this, asswork-that, that's all you ever talk about. What about us cocksuckers and ball-lickers? Are we non-existent? Are we chopped liver, undeserving of one fraction of the attention that you ass-fuckers/fuckees receive?

"I don't know what the real statistics are, but I think it is a safe bet to assume that ALL gay men engage in fellatio at one time or another. Isn't fellatio the commonest sex practice among gay men? Why then are you ignoring us altogether?

"I don't understand it, Jack. Have you never given or received a blowjob in all your life? Do you find it so abhorrent that you have never mentioned it once in your column in all the years that you have been with Gay Chicago? Fellatio is synonymous with male homosexuality, NOT butt-fucking, Jack, so please don't keep on ignoring us.

"Forgive me for not giving you my real name and address because I cannot relate to someone like you who professes to be gay and yet puts us, the cocksuckers/suckees, on the back burner."

So I immediately searched my complete collection of columns, only to find that the person was right! That realization was surprising as Hell. Here then is a column on "How to Pleasure a Cock."

I lay on my stomach, his cock in my mouth, my chest between his thighs, my fingers brushing his tits. It was worship, devotion, pleasure: intense, man-on-man sex.

To say that cock-sucking is an integral part of male homosexual activity seems redundant. After all, our detractors are quick to call us cock-suckers! And we are, but then even straight men like blow jobs.

There is a lot more to sucking well than simply having a prick in your mouth. The quick anonymous suck-encounters that one experiences in parks, adult bookstores, and tea rooms certainly do the "job". They provide release and satisfaction, albeit somewhat dangerous and temporary, to the men who seek their thrills that way. I was never one who spent much time cruising parks nor have I ever had sex in a public rest room, though in my early, just-coming-out days, I did hit the bookstores often.

Leather, relationships, and the years have changed all that. I still go for the quick thrill and the one night stand on occasion, but real pleasure comes with knowing your partner and enjoying a full range of well-paced activity. When you know the man you're playing with, you learn so many more ways to satisfy him. He'll know your hot buttons as well.

It was while I was occupied as described above that I got the idea for this article. I was literally face to face with a beautiful cock. My chin was brushing the rather large testicles that would feed the prick its precious man juice. The rod itself was engorged with blood, extended to its maximum and hefty eight inches. It filled my vision, smooth and straight, gently but powerfully resting in my view.

The prick's mushroom-shaped head lay in front of me, shiny with my spit. Its healthy, flesh-colored glow beckoning me to worship. I am a cocksucker. This penis is my god.

I am naked, prostrate on the altar that this bed has become. Occasionally, my partner will pinch my tits or caress my hair, but most of what will happen tonight will be in praise and pleasure of this man's manhood.

We will end when his cock has raised itself in glorious orgasm, spewing its life-force all over his torso. His cock will bring him to what the French call "le petit mort," the little death, an incredible time when time stands still and ecstasy consumes the moment.

I write too fast. The fleeting moment of ejaculation is but the end. There is so much more to the fine art of pleasuring a prick. Let me take you to a knowledge of the craft...

How one gets to the act of cock-sucking varies among the participants. For some it is a mutual sixty-nining: each man sucking the other's cock, mouth to man-root. Others kneel adoringly before the god who receives without any return. Cock-sucking is a universal. Wives do it with husbands, men with boy friends, strangers with each other, slaves with their masters, fuck-buddies, tricks, johns, queers together.

In any case, the best cock-sucking begins away from the cock. Foot worship, massage, licking, and caressing of arms and legs are all ways to begin. I prefer to start by rubbing the feet of my fully clothed partner, slowly disrobing him as I earn my way to his manhood. It is a slow, deliberate process.

Use your mind and your body as you perform your sexual magic. Be slow and relaxed. He'll feel the sensations in his limbs all the way to his crotch. They are signals to his genitals that the sacred rite has begun. If you find yourself moving too quickly, retreat and begin again.

If your boy is moving too quickly, make him start over. It is your pleasure, the pleasure of your staff that is important. Let time have no rule in the moment. Let cock command. Let the god-cock reign.

I've removed my partner's shoes and socks, massaged his feet, rubbed his legs, waist, and crotch gently. His pants keep me from the intimacy I desire, even as they increase the sensuality of what is happening. I strain to get my hands under the cloth, next to the flesh I so desire.

My partner removes his shirt. I see the line of hair that leads to the center of my devotion. I lick the hairs that mark his maturity. I brush his nipples. I know how well they are connected to his man-root. Our long history of play has taught me how truthfully his tits are little cocks. They are buttons that fill his rod with power, that stiffen it in excitement.

I brush my nose across the bulge beneath his pant's zipper. My lord I seek you. I desire you. I worship you.

So very much of good cock-sucking is rooted (excuse the pun) in the mind. Attitude counts as much here, perhaps even more, as technique. Use your imagination to see yourself giving satisfaction, giving devotion. Allow yourself to surrender to the beauty, the power, the manliness of prick. See it as knowing, as life-giving, joy-inducing, as divine.

My partner loosens his belt buckle. I lift my head, seeking, lusting for the head that will command me. I nuzzle into his crotch hair, silently pleading for my cock-master to let me view him. He signals for me to remove his pants. Now he is as naked as I. Each of us will worship his cock in our own way.

I move closer to his penis. I stare at its ooze of pre-cum. The odor of his masculinity reaches my nose. I inhale it happily, savoring its aroma, letting the breath of it fill my lungs, my body. I am his cock-slave.

East coast wisdom warns us never to put a cock in our mouth without first covering it with a condom. West coast safe-sex guidelines are more liberal and dispense with the need for a latex sheath during cock-sucking. I will usually suck a naked cock, but always rinse it with my spit as I do. The lube from my mouth makes sucking and swallowing easier and kills (I think) many of the germs that I need fear. In any case consult your physician for the guidelines you feel you need to follow.

I hold my head in front of the head I will savor. My partner lets me pause there, makes me pause there. I long to bathe that prick with my tongue, to swallow its fleshy power. Instead, knowing that patience and slow speed are our allies, he sends me back to his feet.

I obey the commands of my cock-master, for his pleasure is my delight. Once again, my tongue massages his toes, his soles, his ankles. It is a steady process, the prize getting near with each lick.

My mouth nears his upper thighs. I circle his staff with my tongue. I nuzzle into the crotch hairs on either side of his testicles. I kiss his balls.

I kiss them gently, quietly, slowly. My lips are tender and dry. It is a moment of deep respect, silent praise, and pleading to come nearer.

He opens his legs and I lick under his testicles, my tongue straining to taste his ass opening, the musk of his anus. I know, too, that here is the root of his root. There is more cock to please than what we see. The shaft is sensitive and responsive behind the testicles as well as in front.

His nuts lie on my nose as I use my tongue to clean and excite my partner. I lift his ball sac with my face, jostling his sperm-makers gently. I want to make his gonads boil with pleasure.

For his part my partner strokes his own man-meat. His rituals are different than mine, but his worship the same. Sometimes, after the passion and the play has ended, we share the meaning, the feelings, the insights that our sex rites give us. He's never told me his thoughts during these moments of cock-worship, but I do know how I feel when a slave sucks me.

When I'm the top, my focus moves to my prick as I stroke it slowly, squeezing its thickness, pulling on its smooth power. I ooze pre-cum and use it to lubricate my dick head. I pinch the flab of skin where my foreskin used to be, just under my cock's head, on the bottom side of the shaft.

I lift my hips slightly, letting the boy nuzzle the prick behind my balls. I squeeze his head with my thighs. I see my cock stand straight in my fist. Every ounce of me strains to pour itself into the pleasure center that I have become. I call the gods of the universe to see this god come alive, to take pleasure in seeing my cock's pleasure. I, the cock-master, become the cock's slave as well, as I worship my own rod. It is so much me and sometimes so much other...

I lie back and let my slave's devotion continue. I remind him to play with my tits, to lick my nuts. We are one in this cock-sucking.

Now, though, I am worshipper. My partner wants me to focus on his tits. I obey and raise my body so that I can please them. I will suck them, in much the same way I suck his rod. I will draw them, one at a time (oh for another mouth to do both at once!) into my mouth. I will caress them with my tongue.

I will squeeze them between my thumbs and fore-fingers, rolling them carefully. I will lightly pinch them between my finger nails, careful not to exceed his pleasure thresholds, careful not to be too light either. I rub my abdomen on his cock. I dedicate all of my body to his pleasure. I align my legs with his, rub his feet with mine. He pushes my head towards his crotch, a silent and welcome command to engorge myself on his man-root.

I begin our ritual of tongue bathing his penis. I lick from the base upwards in broad slow strokes. I cannot go too slowly here. I savor each centimeter of man-root. When my tongue reaches the ridge of his cock-head I retreat back to the base and retrace my path.

I am careful to move from side to side. I strain to lick every cell on the skin of his shaft. My licking changes to kissing, my kissing to sucking, my sucking to ever so gently gumming, pulling what looseness of flesh I can find.

I trace the edge of his cock-crown with my tongue, paying attention to rim it in slow short strokes. I cuddle his cock-head in my mouth, explore his piss slit. I crave his fluids, the taste of pre-cum only a hint of his life-giving juice.

I want him to piss, but he won't, not now, not when he is this excited. I will assuage my thirst for him by obedience. His pleasure, his will are my only desires.

The idea is to combine all sorts of mouth and body movements with actions of mind and spirit. Slow, practiced variety gives the best pleasure. My reward will be to enclose the cock-head with my mouth, to hold my god.

My partner moves his legs together. I part my legs so to kneel astride him. His knees can play with my balls and cock, teasing them, knocking them, giving them pain or pleasure as he pleases. I am surrendered to him. All that matters is the god-cock and his two tits.

I do my best to remember to use my whole self in this pleasuring. It's easy enough to use one's finger, mouth, tongue. I try to include my legs, my chest, my chin.

The man with the cock I adore pinches my tits roughly, squeezing them between his finger nails, twisting pain into their tenderness. I groan.

Imagination is part of the pleasuring as well. I see the pain in my mind's eye. I sense the pleasure in my own cock. I visualize both as I mentally offer them to my cock-master. They are gifts from slave to cock-god. I imagine the feelings as light, as power, as electricity, as they move from me to him.

My energy touches him, excites him. He receives my gift of power, my surrender of self to him. Let him take what he wishes: my tits, my cock, my balls, my being. I am a cock-sucker and need nothing but prick to control me in this moment.

Experience has shown me the practical wisdom of Eastern thought. There are energy centers throughout our bodies and as I suck and lick I visualize my centers opening and joining with those of my partner. I send my energies to him. I open myself to receive his.

I pause above the prick I worship. My lips encircle its head. My tongue rubs the cock slit, circumvents the ridge of the crown. A hand pushes me down onto the holy shaft.

"Suck, boy," I am commanded.

I take a breath and slowly descend onto the cock, opening my throat to receive its length. I pause at its base until my body revolts in its need for air. I raise my head, pulling the cock with me, until I reach the crown. Again and again, I repeat the action. I bob up and down as I fuck my face.

I suck. To do so is my delight. But it is more than that. As I suck, I caress the cock with my tongue, play with his tits with my fingers, direct my being to his pleasure, send my energy to bathe him, excite him, please him.

I am filled with a silent chant of praise, of adoration, of desire.
My partner is cut so there is no opportunity to play with a foreskin. When an uncut man (a rare and happy find) lies in front of me, there are special movements for him. Suck the skin, nibbling gently, pulling it over his cock head. Slip your tongue into the puckered folds. Suck the skin into your mouth, licking between the head and the foreskin that surrounds it, or gently spread the hood with your fingers, caressing with tongue or finger the cock head within.

Keep your movements slow and deliberate. Less is often more: tiny licks, gentle kisses, soft breaths. Alternate mouth with hand, sucking cock with sucking nuts. Sit astride the prick and rub your ass hairs over it. Tempt your ass with his shaft as you tempt his shaft with your ass. Use your butt cheeks to squeeze the rod, to massage it, to give it pleasure.

Play with his tits, nuzzle his armpits, his crotch, the tender spots on his upper thighs, behind his ears, behind his knees. Always return to pleasure his man-root. Remember that he is more than a cock, that the rest of his body is filled with zones that will stimulate his cock, even as you give pleasure to the other parts of him.

Don't rush to bring him to orgasm. Instead listen to his body's signals. Is he breathing fast, thrusting his hips forward, groaning? Keep him on the edge of ecstasy as long as you can. Let him float in bliss.

If you are in control of the situation, make time for "breaks". Let your worshipper come up for air, rest from the sucking in short bits, to return to the task in a relaxed but dedicated frame of mind.

There comes a time, of course, when all things must come to an end. Happily, this ending will be well worth it. Let your cock-slave know where and how you want him to be when you shoot. My partner has me mount myself astride his hips. I play with his tits, while he strokes both of our rods to ecstasy.

You may wish him to lick you in a special area, to stroke you to climax, or to fuck him. I prefer to come while being rimmed, spewing my jism across my boy's chest. Some masters want there to be simultaneous orgasms, others don't want their slaves to come at all.

When the sacred moment comes, your cock will prove that it has a head (and a will) of its own. There's no need for instruction here, except of course to remind you to enjoy it.

In the bottom role, continue to stimulate your partner as he shoots, making the touching more delicate if necessary. Imagine the orgasm as being energetic as well as physical and emotional. Unite your energy to that of the cock you are servicing.

When his climax has passed, let your man rest and enjoy the "glow". Don't rush to disturb the feelings, let them flood him without being bothered, until he stirs and bids you to his command. Be helpful in cleaning up, in drying him, in helping him to come down.

Attitude is so much the basis of good sex, and of good cock-sucking. I remember a particularly good orgasm recently, with a hot young man in his early twenties. When the sucking was done and I lay there with his white jism on my hairy stomach, he apologized for having gotten me "dirty".

This is the bane of our culture: that sex is dirty, evil, meant to bring shame and guilt. Such are the lies that we live with, such are the lies that leather men must confront every day.

We have to face them in our own selves as well. What we think about dicks, sex, sperm, our bodies is deeply rooted in who we are. Be clear on the beauty of your manhood, and cock-sucking will be the joy it was created to be.

Embrace the act as giving, sharing, clean, wholesome, beneficial, even, if you will, holy, sacred, divine. Such positive attitudes will do a great deal more than any techniques you'll ever be taught.

Sexual activity is uniquely personal from man to man. Techniques vary, desires are diverse. Take time to learn your body, the bodies of the men with whom you play.

Show this article to your favorite sex partner and experiment with its instructions. Be free to discuss what appeals to you and what does not. Share with him the source of your desire, the assumptions about sex, safety, pleasure, and service that make you tick.

I haven't used the admonition enough: "Have fun." There's no right way, no wrong way to please a prick. Learn what works and what doesn't and enjoy. After all, pleasure is really what cocks are all about.

Have a great week practicing. I wish I could show you in person what a great gift a cock can be. Short of that, show your friend what a great cock-sucker you can be. We'll all be better off if you do.

Copyright 1999 by Jack Rinella. This material may not be copied in any manner. For permission to reproduce this essay, contact

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