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"We agree that fundamental to your slavery will be the practice of the virtues of trust, honesty, openness, loyalty, and obedience."

The day he arrived I had him sign a contract and we celebrated a commitment ceremony privately:

"I hereby accept the submission of your person and yourself to my mastery. By this instrument I agree to direct, train, and dominate you as I wish. Your servitude will continue for a period of one year, beginning on the day of the signing of this agreement and ending on February 7, 1997."

"Your slavery may be renewed at my discretion. "

"It is agreed that this period of slavery will be under my direction and control and will be subject to the following conditions:"

"I desire that virtue be a significant part of our relationship. Therefore we agree that fundamental to your slavery will be the practice of the virtues of trust, honesty, openness, loyalty, and obedience. Without the practice of these virtues in your relationship to me as master, there can be no true slavery. Their practice therefore is expected and required at all times."

"You wish to be an integral part of my leather family and will treat each person in that relationship with the respect, honor, and obedience due their position. You will give special deference to Master Lynn and to my lover, Michael, treating both of them as you would me."

"You wish to bring me physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual pleasure by the submission and service of your self to my will."

"You want to be trained to do the above without failure, without rebellion, and without hesitation."

"For the period of your slavery I will control your schedule, your work, and your finances."

"You recognize that I am your master/lord and that my cock is the object of your obedience and worship."

"We acknowledge that this agreement binds us as master and slave dedicated to the accomplishment of our goals. This relationship will in no way prohibit the maintenance or development of relationships with others, except that for the duration of your slavery you will make the attainment of the goals herein described your first priority and the conduct of your slavery, in light of these goals, will take precedence, when such precedence is required, over other relationships, goals, and activities."

"You will restrict your sexual activity to me and to those to whom I assent, on an individual basis, to your having sexual activity."

"By your agreement to this document, you give me the right to transfer the duties, rights, and obligations of this agreement to any person at any time for the duration of this agreement. Those persons to whom I transfer these rights by gift, rental, or sale shall be deemed holding the rights of this agreement in my place and shall receive the same respect, service and obedience as due me."

"By my signature and my sealing, I accept you as my slave."


"I, Patrick, willingly submit myself to the above described slavery, commit myself to the herein described goals, and accept Jack Rinella as my master for the duration of this slavery. By my signature and sealing I accept you as my master."


So how did I get myself a real slave? I decided what I wanted and looked for it. I looked a lot, trying not to leave any stone unturned. I asked others for suggestions about how my search might be improved. I answered questions truthfully and often volunteered information that might help the applicant decide sooner rather than later.

I chose to keep looking, but tried my best to relax during the search. I held no expectations about the outcome with any specific person, believed strongly that someone somewhere would be the right fit.

Most importantly, I think, was that I played the numbers game, answering ads, buying ads, looking in the bars, on the bulletin boards, and generally letting it be known that I was looking.

Strategically I was what I was looking for: ready. I was tired of fiction, tired of the pretense, and would do whatever it took to get what I wanted.

It wasn't quick and easy, but the slave mouth around my cock proves to me it was well worth the search.

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