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"This then describes the slave's servitude...How it is lived out actually will be shown by time, the Master's decisions, and the slave's submission."

Expectations and Regulations Concerning
Voluntary Servitude
by Jack Rinella

This document sets out the ramifications of surrendering one's life to Mastery.

The onset of slavery begins once several conditions have been met. As shown here, they are sine qua non, that is without them, Voluntary Servitude can not proceed.

  1. The slave will demonstrate full knowledge of the ramifications of surrender and will accept the conditions of such without reservation or hesitation. It must be perfectly clear to both parties that it is a free, informed, and adult choice to enter into the relationship of voluntary servitude (henceforth referred to as "slavery").

    Submission to this lifestyle under the dominance and control of a Master must be a free choice entered into by the slave without coercion or deceit.

  2. The Master will do his best to clarify the meaning, implications, and impact of slavery. On the slave's part, he must be willing to allow full knowledge of his person to his Master. This demands an open-openness and intimacy on the slave's part so that control over him can be complete, informed, and in the best interests of the Master.

  3. There needs to be a trial period of slavery to insure full understanding of the Master's conditions, requirements, and expectations. The Master will use this trial time to evaluate at close range the slave's appropriateness, motivations, and attitude.

  4. Throughout the slave's subjugation, he will demonstrate the following characteristics:

    -- an eagerness to learn what is expected of him as slave and to fulfill those expectations.
    -- an attitude that demonstrates the need and desire to be dominated.
    -- a response to the Master's commands, suggestions, and desires that proves his desire to please, serve, and live in a way that will meet the Master's conditions.

  5. The Master will provide for the slave's needs out of the slave's present and future resources and income. This provision will be according to the Master's allocation, not the slave's.

The rules of service may be summarized by four core statements defining the slave's position:

  1. Respect at all times.

  2. Surrender of physical control over all parts of the slave's body.

  3. The acceptance of discipline willingly.

  4. The attitude of thankfulness for whatever attention is bestowed by the Master.

The following pages expand these rules and apply them to the definition of a complete lifestyle. First, though, you should know what to expect from me.

    He will respect the slave's need to fulfill certain obligations inherent in life, e.g., issues of health, nutrition, family obligations, occupation, finances, etc. Once slavery is begun, decisions in matters such as these will be made by the Master, not by the slave. For obvious reasons they may have the appearance of being the slave's decisions.

    Since the slave has chosen to be controlled, the Master's decisions will be the slave's decisions in a very real (albeit indirect) way. As necessary, the Master may include the slave in the decision making process, but only with the recognition that the slave's role will be one of advice, not direction, nor will it involve the slave in reclaiming decision-making authority for himself, except when specifically granted by the Master.

  2. Once the slave is the Master's property, the Master will be responsible to keep him as healthy as possible. The Master will want to keep his property at full value and so will not command or treat the slave in a way that jeopardizes or diminishes his value. A healthy slave is a valuable one.



The slave will look as most pleases the Master in matters of grooming, dress, decorum, manners, and outward demeanor.

Behavior Modification
The Master will use, and the slave will assent to the use of, behavior modification techniques. Once the slave is under the Master's control, certain changes in the slave's behavior may be required so that the slave conforms more exactly to the Master's will. Techniques will include discipline, deprivation, instruction, positive reinforcement, encouragement, incentives, isolation, and reward.

The slave will submit to the Master's judgment in the (likely) event that there arises conflict between them. In the case of conflict, the slave can expect the application of behavior modification, discipline, dialogue, and honesty.

Continued Ownership
The termination of the Master's ownership of the slave will be at the Master's pleasure, and in light of the slave's constitutional rights (see below). The Master's continued ownership of the slave will be at the Master's pleasure and the Master reserves the right to transfer the slave's ownership to another person either temporarily or permanently at the Master's discretion.

The Master will provide the slave with opportunities to express the slave's needs and discuss the slave's concerns. The Master will listen to the slave, endeavoring to teach him, and as appropriate, help the slave understand the Master's actions. There will be the opportunity for questioning and discussion, always though in the context that the Master is the decision maker and the Master alone holds final say. The Master's willingness to inform the slave and help the slave understand is at the Master's discretion. The slave has no need to understand, unless the Master perceives that such understanding will improve the slave's worth and service to him.

As stated above the slave will receive discipline for the Master's pleasure and the slave's training. The Master will teach the slave to accept it willingly and totally. The slave will be open to it and will find the inner strength and commitment to transform the negative aspects of discipline (pain, humiliation, discomfort, trauma, etc.) into a positive viewpoint and eventually as a natural, expected, and welcome aspect of the slave's submission.

Discipline will not be administered in such a way as to injure the slave nor decrease the slave's value. It will be an integral part of the slave's lifestyle, according to the Master's direction and will. The Master will use hands, paddles, belts, cat-o-nine tails, brushes, confinement, bondage, deprivation, or other means suitable to help the slave acquire and maintain appropriate attitudes and responses.

The slave will work as directed by the Master in order to provide income for both himself and his Master. The slave will perform duties appropriate to the slave's schedule, health and capacity, such as housekeeping, volunteer work, errands, etc., in the service of his Master. There will be a published schedule of chores, responsibilities, and expectations, as determined by the Master and subject to his supervision, control, and modification.

In respect for the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, the Master recognizes that coercion is neither a viable nor legal means of enforcing the slave's submission. Hence the slave will be in a condition of Voluntary Servitude, that is, the slave's slavery depends upon the slave's recognition of his need to be dominated and owned. In fact, the slave's own Will creates and maintains this slavery.

Fear, etc.
An important part of the slave's growth and development will be the elimination, by trial, experience, experiment, submission, and obedience, of blocks and hindrances to the slave's full service to the Master's will. Characteristics such as fear, doubt, insecurity, and hesitancy will be eliminated by encouragement, training, discipline and direct confrontation. In this process the slave will be stripped of all limits, excuses, inner restraint, superficiality, false modesty, and phobias. Instead the slave will submit to the limits the Master imposes upon the slave, with confidence in the Master's ability to control the slave's life and actions. It is expected that the degree of submission will be such that the slave will rely on the Master without hesitation or reserve, knowing that all justifiable and necessary limits will be kept by the Master in light of the Master's protection of his property.

Upon entry into committed servitude AND NOT BEFORE, the slave will turn practical and actual (but not legal) control of his personal resources over to the Master for administration. Assets will remain the property of the slave. Nothing in this section is meant to infer that the Master is using the relationship for his own aggrandizement. Similarly this is not a "free ride" for the slave.

The Master will administer the slave's finances in such a way as to increase their value and provide for the slave's present and future needs (see section on The Master's RESPONSIBILITIES). The slave will support himself and provide for the Master's pleasure and prosperity. The Master will not accept the role of providing for the slave -- as that would in fact make him the slave's slave, a role the Master is not willing to accept. As the Master's property the slave will not be allowed to become a drain on the Master's finances, but rather an asset to them.

The slave will be open, frank and honest in his conversation and relationship with the Master. Any breach of this confidence will invoke the use of discipline.

The slave will live in the domicile of his Masters choosing, either in the Master's home or in close proximity to it, as the Master sees fit. It will be open to the Master's inspection and use at all times. The slave will respect the Master's space as private and the slave's presence in it as one of slave and servant, performing such duties as ordered at the time and in the manner so commanded. The type and location of the slave's place of residence shall be according to the Master's assignment and within the range of the Master's allocation of the slave's resources.

Sexual Behavior
It is understood that sexual intimacy will be part of the Master/slave relationship. It will be conducted at all times as directed by the Master's will and pleasure. The slave's sexual activity will be under the Master's control. It is recognized that the objective of the slave's submission is the Master's pleasure, not the slave's, though the slave may find his duties in this area pleasurable. At all times the slave will adhere to the practice of safe sex, as defined by the Master.

Social Life
At the Master's discretion, the slave will be given the opportunity to experience a social life outside of the Master's supervision, though any absences from the Master's service will be with the Master's prior approval. The Master will expect and encourage the slave to develop other friendships, interests, and relationships. The only qualification of this is that they will not compete for the Master's attention or time. As The Master desires and instructs, the slave will be made to treat others as the slave's Master pro tem. Likewise, the slave will be expected to assist the Master in the instruction, domination, and pleasurable use of other slaves. The Master does not expect the slave to take a role of domination, but rather one of facilitation.

This then describes the slave's servitude, though it by no means fully describes the actual ramifications of the slave's submission. How it is lived out actually will be shown by time, the Master's decisions, and the slave's submission.

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